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Bubbleball, or Bubble Football, is the modern-day twist on the beloved game. It involves teams of players going head-to-head in games of football with a twist. Each player is strapped into a large inflatable bubble that will cover them from the thighs upward. With the bubble completely covering their head the player will be able to perform challenges and take people out like never before.

Bubbleball Overview

Whilst our sessions primarily focus around Bubble Football, we at Bubbleball UK LTD appreciate that some people may want to get in and have a go but are not particularly interested in football. Well fear not, we have several other games available so that we can provide fun and laughs for all different types of group.

  • Classic Bubble Football
    Classic Bubble Football

    Teams of 5/6 will compete against one another to score the most goals. Our only rule is that the ball starts in the middle whilst the players start at their respective ends of the court, charging in once the whistle is blown. Outlandish tackles and handballs are encouraged.

    Fun is guaranteed.

  • British Bulldogs
    British Bulldogs

    Bubbleball UK LTD’s spin on the old schoolyard classic. One person is chosen to start off as the Bulldog and will stand in the middle. The rest of the players will attempt to get from one side of the court to the other (to the whistle) without being knocked down. Once a player hits the floor then they will join the bulldogs in the middle until there is a single player standing. Will they be able to make it across on their own?

    Great for Stag & Hen parties.

  • Colonel Mayhem
    Colonel Mayhem

    One player from each team is chosen to be the Colonel and is given a bib to identify them. The teams will start at opposite ends and once the whistle is blown the objective is to knock down the other teams Colonel. All other players can get back up after being knocked down, but once the Colonel is down the game is over. Will you attack the other team or defend your Colonel?

    A great team strategy game.

  • Last Man Standing
    Last Man Standing

    All players start around the circumference of a plotted out circle. It’s every player for themselves and the aim is to knock as many of your opponents down as possible, whilst remaining up on your feet. Once you’re down, you’re out. The game continues until there is one player left standing. They are the winner.

    A brilliant every-player-for-themselves game.

  • Demolition Derby
    Demolition Derby

    Players are lined up at either end of the court in two teams. The objective is to knock down all of the players on the opposing team. Once an entire team has fallen, the winning team will get a point for every player left standing on their team. This will repeat until one team reaches the agreed point target i.e. first to 10 points.

    This can prove to be strategic or absolute chaos.

  • Sumo Stand Off
    Sumo Stand Off

    Two players, one aim. Players will split into two teams and will then pit off against each other one-on-one. Two players will enter the ring, but only one will leave victorious. Players will typically play the best of 3 or 5, with the winner picking up a point for their team.

    A good game for lining up equal sized players against one another.

  • Bubbleball Relay Race
    Bubbleball Relay Race

    Two teams line up side by side. Cones will be laid out to produce an end point and a track to follow. One player from each team will take it in turns to run the relay. Once one player has returned the next can go, until the entire team has finished. Sounds simply? It might be if the tracks didn’t cross over one another and result in inevitable full on collisions!

    Fantastic fun, which will result in fits of laughter.

  • Prison Break
    Prison Break

    A circle is plotted out. All players except for one or two stand around the circumference of the circle or “prison”. The chosen convict will be placed in the middle and is given a designated time limit (depending on the size of the group) to get out of the prison. The players stood around the outside of the prison are not allowed to enter the circle and must simply try to keep the convict in the prison. If they manage to escape before the time is up then they win.

    This is a tough one, which should only be attempted by the strongest or craftiest of players.

You May Want to Bring...

  • Fluids
  • Shin/Knee Pads
    Shin/Knee Pads
  • Gym/Training Gloves for Holding Handles
    Gym/Training Gloves for Holding Handles

Bubbleball UK LTD strongly recommend that all participants bring plenty to drink in order to avoid dehydration and exhaustion. In addition the most common minor injuries are bruised knees, grazed knuckles and chaffing under the arms from the straps if vests are worn.

The manufacturer of our inflatable bubbles advises that they are suitable for players aged 10 years and above, though each inflatable bubble weighs approximately 9KG, which some smaller players may find heavy.

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